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Why didn't you just tell me? It was really dumb.

Vladimir took a mirror out of her bag and handed it to Dwayne. Lynne demonstrated how to core an apple. Is that real blood? I only have one suggestion. "You're not my real sister. You were adopted." "That's not true!" I wouldn't eat that if I were you. I'm sure I'll do that. I almost feel sorry for them. The dog ran around and around.

I didn't deserve to go to prison.

We had a heavy rain yesterday. They fed the fish. When it clears up tomorrow it is good. There were only three left. He is the last man to deceive me.

Wes knew that what he was doing was wrong. That was a foolish decision.

We saw a troop of monkeys moving from tree to tree. Perhaps I haven't made myself clear. Waiter, please split the check. This house has a red roof. Uh.....yes, I think so.

Why do horses wear blinkers? How much do you usually drink? I would like to have five pineapples. Does anyone know you're here? I just hope I can survive this. We would have told you, but we needed your reactions to look genuine. I like to get good value for my money.

Rusty felt fine. His next two books were novels. Patricia sang better than Johnny.

Excuse me, what have you just said? Christophe said the report was false.

It's sort of cool. Are we missing anything else? Do you dare or not?

It's about to get worse. She has led a very sheltered life. Franklin owes Sonny three hundred dollars.

Wes is pathetic. For one second I thought I would die. Robots can withstand dangerous conditions. I should admit my mistakes. Taping a woman's wrists together is not first date activity. I collect rare coins.

It may well rain. I know what killed Galen. Barrett is 50 years behind the times. I asked Emmett why he wasn't planning to go to Boston with us. The door swung open and Mitchell walked into the room. Pradeep has nothing to do here. The river is the widest in Europe.

Randell probably thought I wasn't able to drive. How did you manage it?

She had matured into an excellent woman. The sea was raging against them more and more. I want to look into this. Who's going to tell them? I have things to do tomorrow.

There are a lot of stars larger than our own Sun. What's the best way to punish a dog? By and by, the bitter north wind will begin to blow. They call us problem children.

I hear that Lance now works at the same company as Carter does. This sentence was never translated. We don't need to evacuate anymore since the flood has already subsided. My hair has grown out. He stayed late and worked overtime.

In the Middle Ages, anyone who'd oppose to the Holy Scriptures was murdered. This message is for you. I'm going to my friend's place. Charley does stuff like this every day. The truck driver wasn't injured.