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(830) 505-8871


Pearsall, Texas




Your car is about to be towed. I won't tolerate it anymore. I'll make popcorn. There is only one store on the whole island. And my hands were shaking. You boiled nothing. Sorry, we didn't mean to make you feel left out. Maybe I'll call you.

What should we have for dinner? We're disorganized. I'm not prepared for this. I think I'd better stay here. I have five here and as many again. They won. I thought you might like to know that. Some people live far removed from harsh realities.

It matters little what you do.

Everyone has their own opinion. It is better to travel well than to arrive. This job gives me the hump.

Get him away from me. We didn't go to Boston. He likes to play rough. He is a fish dealer. I hate my life without you. Pierre didn't give Old his real telephone number.

It takes three hours to get to Boston from here. That suited me fine.

I have my goals, plans, and reasons for learning Kazakh language. An offender escaped from a prison. He seems to hold people from Kakogawa in contempt. Thank you, this will do. Earnie made me promise not to go there again. I'm four months pregnant. I don't introduce them. Craig doesn't have a penny to his name. Clarissa said that he was eating.

Kees told me I should buy a new computer. Sonny is a great first baseman. I've got the devil's own luck in everything. I have to buy one. Bernard had his wallet stolen while he was in Boston.

Kelly reacted instinctively. There are a lot of stories flying around about why Johnathan left her husband.

They are talking about what they will sing. Your boyfriend got tired of waiting for you and left just now.

I have no place to keep my things. I'm not saying that's wrong. I'd like to get home by five. We took him for an American. Jesse's had numerous opportunities to set the record straight. Let's look at the big picture. Statistics don't always tell the whole story. I see no reason not to tell Herbert what happened. Randal was stunned by the sight of the snow-capped mountains and the lush green valleys below.

I just wish Miriamne were happier here. I never gave it a thought. New York City policemen wear dark blue uniforms. Jelske said he wanted to talk to me. She's adjusting more and more to the new circumstances.